Photography and Filming


At World Aviation Helicopters we have extensive experience in the realization of oblique photography, photometry, locations and professional aerial filming with helicopters, as well as filming shoots and advertising spots. We have the ideal technical and aerial means for this type of work; In addition, we partner with industry leaders who provide the latest digital technology.

Helicopter aerial photography and filming is the professional choice for jobs that require maximum stability and image quality, whatever the position and angle may be. That is why our systems are provided with gyro-stabilized platforms to cancel out any type of vibration or movement.

In addition, as required by professional aerial photography, the helicopter can adapt so that no reflection or distortion can affect the image. By adding fluid communication with our pilots about your special requirements, we assure to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Photography and Filming


HeliAir Marbella

We are very pleased to communicate that, after years of hard work and the hit of COVID-19, we have finally today concluded the process and successfully formalized the collaboration agreement between our companies. Without a doubt, this “Helialliance” will be a guaranteed success within all our operations.