Helicopter pilot courses


Type Rating

After obtaining a PPL (H) accreditation, the new pilot is limited to flying the helicopter model used to complete the initial training.

In order to take advantage of their license to include additional helicopter models and ensure that they are prepared to safely fly a different aircraft model, the new pilot must complete a type rating course that provides the necessary knowledge and training for each new type of aircraft.

World Aviation Flight Academy offers type rating courses for the following helicopter models: Robinson R22, Robinson R44 and Cabri G2.

Type Rating

Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL-H)

With this program we prepare the student with the theoretical knowledge and practical training needed to obtain the Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL-H), recognized by EASA I European Aviation Safety Agency in a professional environment in VFR flight conditions.
Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL-H)

Airline Helicopter Pilot Licence ATPL-H

This  theoretical course  is aimed at those people with previous flight experience and who wish to obtain the theoretical requirements needed for  professional purposes ATPL (H) (Helicopter Transport Pilot) , that is, to initially work as a co-pilot in commercial air transport in multi-pilot / multi-engine helicopters in VFR conditions.

The trainee will obtain several qualifications: Commercial Pilot License, Instrumental add-on, MCC Transport (theoretical) and CRM


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