Drones service


World Aviation Helicopters Drones and RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) services are focused on various branches of the industrial sector; audiovisual, agriculture, industrial inspection, civil works, aerial topography & surveillance.

RPAs are reliable tools, easy to move, mount and control. With an excellent price and operability ratio compared to other traditional systems and aircrafts. They provide quick inspection and revision capabilities in large or difficult-to-access facilities, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


  • Production of Promotional Videos.
  • Promotion of Activities or Events.
  • Specialized Aerial Shots.
  • Air Inspections.


  • Security. Aircrafts provided with GPS control, pressure sensors, accelerometers, handling by direct vision from the ground and numerous state-of-the-art elements, all designed seeking to achieve the greatest stability, both for safety and for the quality of the images obtained.
  • Quality. We can fly both at ground level and at great heights (maximum 120 meters high, according to regulations), obtaining images unthinkable for a traditional helicopter.
  • Discretion. The sound level of drones in flight is minimal, since their engines are electric.
  • Costs.
Drone pilots


Video and aerial photography

  • Corporate videos of company, publicity & announcements.
  • Tourism promotions: town halls, hotels, resorts, rural tourism, etc.
  • Informative reports: press and television.
  • Construction, real estate and housing developers.
  • Review of structures, roofs, chimneys with difficult access, etc.
  • Monitoring of public and private works.
  • Architecture, landscaping, archeology projects.
  • Turistic patrimony.
  • Mining and industry, wind & solar fields, high voltage lines.
  • Control of farms, crops & livestock.
  • Supervision and monitoring of infrastructure works and projects.
  • Insurance companies: Investigation of claims, expertise and documentation.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Cinema, television & advertising.
  • Original gifts for weddings etc.
  • Aerial image of your home.

Security and Emergencies

Drones give access us to aerial images in places that are difficult to get to or that mean a danger for rescue and emergency units. Within a few minutes, our UAS / RPAs can be in flight transmitting information and images in real time.
  • Police operations.
  • Police investigation, forensic, traffic accidents.
  • Search, Rescue and Citizen Security.
  • First Inspection in fires.
  • Fire investigation. Damage assessment.
  • Natural and environmental disasters.
  • Civil and public works.
  • Review and control of facilities, light signs and asphalt in public works.
  • Review and control of facilities, light signals and asphalt at airfields and airports.
  • Review and control of ship and port facilities.
  • Civil and public surveillance.
  • Customs control.