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World Aviation is the exclusive distributor for GESVOL products in the Americas (N.America, Central & South America and Canada).

GESVOL offers real time monitoring, as well as recording of all engine and drive train parameters. This allows you to control the range of use of the parameters within the proper usage limitations, gathering all the data generated by the aircraft throughout a flight. All parameters are shown online, in real time, on your computer, laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, allowing you to know what is happening at all times during every flight.

Uses GPRS technology, which significantly reduces the cost of any other satellite signal device.

Generates technical flight records for each flight, all reflected visually on a map with the specific route, as well as graphics with rotor RPM , engine RPM , manifold pressure, OAT, altitude, Engine run time and flight time. All is stored and saved in a history record in the platform, also available for export in PDF format.

Automatic Alarm generator for operating limits and working áreas. E.g: If Rotor RPM reaches 107% during 4 seconds, the system generates an automatic message, that is sent via SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp to any desired department (owner, Operations Dept., Maintenance Dept).